The Siri Guru Granth Sahib – Great Wise Book Teacher

Duality dwells in the consciousness of the people of the world.

Humans destroy by sexual obsessions, rage, violence and egotism.

Whom should I call the second, when there is only the One?

The One Immaculate Reality is pervading all.

(Pause and reflect on this)

Our dual-minded evil intellect speaks of a second.

Those who harbor duality come and go and die.

In the earth and in the sky, I do not see any second.

Among all the women and the men, the  Light is shining.

In the lamps of the sun and the moon, I see Light.

Dwelling among all is my ever-youthful Beloved One.

Mercifully, Creator/Creation has tuned my consciousness to One.

Guruji has led me to understand the Infinity of One. 

A Gurmukh experiences only the One.

(Gurmukh literally means “wise mouth” or “one who speaks wisdom”  – also means “one surrendered to the Sikh Guru’s teachings”.)

Subduing duality, we come to realize the Word of the Shabad (we experience the teachings of the Sikh scripture/Guru).

The Divine Command prevails throughout all worlds.

From the One, all have arisen.

There are two routes, but remember that their Source is only One.

Through the Word of the Guru’s Shabad (the SGGS),

recognize the Hukam; the Command of the Cosmos.

The Beloved One is contained in all forms, colors and minds.

Says Nanak, praise the One!

Guru Nanak

SGGS page 223


24 responses to “The Siri Guru Granth Sahib – Great Wise Book Teacher

  1. Harjinder Kaur Nijjar

    Hello Soulbride!!

    I love, love all your writing. You are by far the most intersting person I have read in a long, long time. Take care and keep learning…


  2. Hello Kamalla!

    I hope you remember me. We met back in 1994/95 when I was living in Seacliff with Dayan, Steve and James.

    I remember walking out to the cliffs with you one afternoon and talking about life, being a woman and how all the cats would try to sleep on the holy books in the ashram. 🙂

    Your website is deeply interesting to me. I would love to talk with you about it. I married (in a somewhat “arranged” fashion) a Punjabi Sikh man in 2003. We have been together for 5 years now and had a “real” (traditional Sikh) wedding in Punjab in 2006.

    I live in a joint family. Most of his family is secular, whether or not they practice a few “Ks”. He is a “cut sird” if you will, but he feels very much a Sikh.

    I would love to talk with you about the dynamic of Sikhs vs. Sikhi. Your writing on this subject has made so many murky areas of our lives clearer to me. I love reading about your experiences in Gurudwaras, with the online community, etc.

    Please write to me!

    Much Love,
    April Richards-Virk

  3. kamallarosekaur

    Amazing! I have emailed you.

  4. wannabe_Gurmukh

    Reading your post sure made my Saturday morning. My father use to say understanding the meaning of Gurbani in both Gurmukhi and good English crystallizes underlying message.

    BTW: In Punjabi ‘mukh’ refers to ‘face’. So Gur.mukh is someone who is ‘Guru-facing.’ Opposite is ‘man.mukh’, someone who if following lower aspirations of their mind. In this way ‘mukh’ also means who you are following.

  5. I recognize that our intellect, in labeling and categorizing and judging the world, brings us into duality and unnecessary suffering. I also recognize a great interconnectedness of everything, although I am averse to “creator god” notions. I am interested in your philosophy and how one may go about ‘undualizing’ oneself or reuniting with the infinite.
    – from your CEP ex-co-worker friend –

    • Elimination of duality is very important to achieve in life to make it blissful lest the precious life gets wasted in artificial bliss of worldly nature. For this we need to fall in LOVE with the GUIDE/GURU who can bless us & has the powers to burry our past crimes. The latest arrival on our planet , with sole powers to change the age old spiritual rules was THE
      POWER HOUSE OF LOVE i.e GURU GOBIND SINGH JI . He has laid down simple rule to achieve bliss state & eliminate duality of mind in just a matter of 9 months by following his command . He desires from us to live
      the life with a spirit of sacrifice for protecting THE PEOPLE who enjoy the
      LOVE OF GOD as a true soldier & becoming HIS SON. He is THE SUPER POWER HOUSE OF LOVE & loves the humanity as belonging to ONE FATHER. He desires that all of US live a hughly blissful life of LOVE OF
      GOD. We are celeberating this fortnight in HIS LOVE on HIS ARRIVAL DAY on 11JAN2011 & pray for welfare for one & all without any kind of reservation of enimity against any living creature on our planet.

  6. kamallarosekaur

    Blessings Adam!

    How you feel about a Creation God?

    Sikhs do not believe in a Creator, in the Western sense, nor in original sin. “Creator” and “Creation” and “Spirit” and “Nature” are All One for Sikhs.

    Using the metaphor that life is a movie, we know that your life’s story/production is completely distinct from my life’s movie, and the lives/movies of all other beings. You were born into a different era, with different sets and settings and also different personal roles to play. Yet you are a character in my movie and I am a character in your movie too. Our films overlap and merge.

    It is easy to get fixated on the you and me aspect, my movie is not your movie. But truth is, it is all One show.

    Sikhs do not believe that Sikhi is the “only Way”, not one bit. It is all the Play of the Creation (God). Sikhs “practice” non-dualisitc consciousness by reminding ourselves – as much as we can remember to remember – that it is All One.

    But when Sikhs achieve non-dualistic awarenenss, it is by Grace. “I” can’t get there alone, so to speak.

    Here are a couple posts to get you started. Leave comments and questions anywhere.

    The Amrit Vela

    Do Not Be Concerned with Public Opinion

  7. Nirmal Singh

    Very interesting and informative site.
    Keep up the good work.
    And a Happy New Year to you all.

  8. Mark Hombre


    I’ve been doing a lot of research on Sikh culture, communities and literature and i found this website to be very informative and interesting. I was wondering if anybody knew of any modern poets, writer’s or other literary figures who have articulated some of these ideas in their work ? Work that focuses on the Pacific Northwest, or Western interpretations in general would be very helpful..

  9. wannabe_Gurmukh

    My comments are related to your response to Adam on Dec 30, 08.
    In one word ‘Beautiful.’
    This concept of ‘One’ is really liberating. As you say we just have to ‘remember to remember.’ I also agree that it is by Grace one starts to comprehend this paradigm. If I may, we can expand upon Grace and say it is a Blessing or alms. And our Guru says, ‘If a beggar cries out at the door, the Master hears it in His Mansion.’ -Page 349.

  10. Brother Varid

    Hi Kamalla Rose,

    Your site is like a pool of water beckoning to be bathed in at one of those moments when one would welcome a bath … and please email me in response to this, and let me know how I can send an e-mail to you which would not be part of the public website …

    – Brother Varid

  11. Hi, I have just stumbled upon this website whilst hunting on online as I am looking for some info on wall ovens!. It’s an informative blog so I bookmarked you and I will come back tomorrow to allow more time for a proper browse when I can give it more time.

  12. “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga” is a rare and out of print book I discovered during my two years in India. “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga” has been a real eye-opener for me and makes complete sense when I think about the last thirty years of my life with Yogi Bhajan. Written by the esteemed Dr. Trilochan Singh, author of over twenty books on Sikh history and philosophy and lecturer at sixteen Universities, “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga”, describes the Sikh mystical path and is critical of Yogi Bhajan’s Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. I have included here a sample of one chapter and the entire book can be downloaded at:

    What I learned in India about the Sikh Mystic Path

    By Guru’s grace, while being detained by authorities in India, I lived for almost one year at the Golden Temple. After visiting Guru Sahib at the Harmandir Sahib everyday, singing the divine Gurbani Kirtan and contemplating God’s Name, the Guru showed me, how all the Yogic asanas I performed over the last 30 years were a complete waste of time and cannot match to 1 percent of the devotional contemplation on the Name of God.

    “In contrast to Patanjali’s Yoga, and other schools of Hindu Yoga (Hatha, Tantric, Laya, Kundalini, etc.), the Sikh Gurus call Sikh mystic path, Brahm Yoga (the Yoga which does not use any yogic technique but concentrates on God and achieves Him through devotion and contemplation). It is also called Gurmukh Yoga (Yoga of the Enlightened), Sahajya Yoga (Natural Yoga based on spontaneous devotion and contemplation). The word Yoga is used just to mean union with God.” Dr. Trilochan Singh.

    Eight Steps of Sikh Mystical Path
    …….Thus Guru Nanak clearly rejects the eight steps of spiritual progress as enunciated by Patanjali and replaces them with ethical and spiritual discipline of his own. The Sikh scriptures also clearly reject asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breath control), nauU-dhautz (cleaning the intestine with a piece of cloth inserted in the mouth and taken out through the anus). Those followers of Yogi Bhajan who frequently quote him as saying that the Scriptures of the Sikhs sanction all these Yoga practices, voice only his glaring ignorance of Sikh scriptures. I have not known any saint or seer in contemporary or past Sikh history who ever practiced these Yoga asanas. But all saints and all scholars have firmly called these and more so Tantric practices as directly opposed to Sikh doctrines. The following quotations, from Adi Granth make it clear that there is no place for Yoga practices in Sikhism:
    If a man learns all yogic asanas of perfect adepts, If he controls and subdues his senses through such feats;
    Even then impurity and dirt of his mind cannot be removed.
    The filth of egoism will not depart from the heart. The human mind cannot be cleaned and made pure, By any yogic discipline and restraint. It can be made pure and controlled only by seeking, Through love the sanctuary of the true Enlightener.
    Adi Granth, Guru Amar Das, Vadhans p 558
    For me the only asana (posture) worthwhile is to fix steadfastly the mind on the Vision of God and let the heart and soul be absorbed in such a spiritual condition of transcendent revelation as to continuously reflect on His Presence and listen to the enchanting melody of Unstruck Music (Anhad Shabad)
    (a) Savikalp Samadhi (ecstasy within the realm of consciousness): to be absorbed in the meaning and philosophical and mystical contents of the Divine Word is Savikalp a samadhi. (b) Nirvikalpa Samadhi (ecstasy of the Transcendent vision of God): to be absorbed in the Spirit and Essence of the Divine Word is Nirvikalpa samadhi.
    If one does the nauli dhauti karma (of cleaning the intestine with a piece of cloth), and becomes adept in eighty-four asanas, and yogic exercises, he cannot attain any peace of mind by these yogic techniques. Let him do such Japa or Tapa through such techniques for years and years and wander about in search of perfection, he will not attain genuine inner peace even for a moment.
    A. G. Guru Arjan, Majh, p 98

    • Dear S Gursant Singh ji…SAT SRI AKAL GUR BAR AKAL…
      I am in total agreement with your approach of BRAHAM YOGA to enjoy
      THE SUPER POWERS OF LOVE of SAT GURU JI & be the right guide
      in spreading the love of GURBANI. I was lucky to read your views &
      will honoured to share my views as experienced , while enjoying braham yoga , during my ARMY SERVICE. Achieving oneness with SAT GURU JI is process of LOVE OF GOD in SIKHISM . It can be successfully gained
      with in a period of 18days/40days/3months/9months depending upon
      your degree of surrender to THE COMMAND of GURU GOBIND SINGH JI MAHARAJ , since HE is the super power house of LOVE . He , in LOVE
      of humanity changed all age old spiritual doctrines of liberation , being
      born with that authority & granted salvation to his khalsa & blessed a
      JEWAN MUKAT /BLISSFULL way of life .Only one HE expects from his
      khalsa to enjoy 3 hours of SIMRAN during AMRT VELA with effect from
      0400hrs to 0700 hrs , to be the recepient of HIS LOVE & all the super powers of kundalni i.e mental elation to bliss state & physical powers to
      be a great sportsman . This is the way to SAINT SOLDIERING in life. The
      preaching of JOGI JI or HIS LEGACY is to spread the fragrance of LOVE
      OF GURBANI by using the medium/platform of PHYSICAL YOGA. We
      may desire to allow them to attract the confused western mind suffering from duality & ultimately realising THE TRUTH like you have found
      after 30 years . You must make the best use of his legacy by opposing the
      wrong aspect of his teachings & be THE NEW CHAMPION & beloved of

  13. Questioning Kundalini Yoga/3HO

    Dear Kamalla Rose,

    I’ve been looking to find any truth about Kundalini Yoga. Yes, the pranayam is generic and in many yoga books and taught by others, but what about the kriyas and meditations? Luckily, I did not waste too much time with 3HO or KY, but am very disturbed by things I have read and researched on my own about 3HO. I would love to email with you to ask more ?s and to see if you have contacts for me to speak with others who left.

  14. Tom Mason

    Kamalla, I am David Mason’s cousin. I just read some beautiful pieces that you wrote about him. Please contact me.

  15. Hari

    Well I don’t think that Guru’s have advised against yoga practice. What they have said is that asanas (yoga positions) ALONE cannot help you achieve the eternal bliss. And that makes sense. Karma (work) yog and grahasth yog (raising & supporting your family) have been placed high. And then very very important are Nishkam Seva (Selfless service) & Jee Daya (helping a living being in distress).

    Asanas (e.g. kundalini yoga etc.) help you stay healthy in body and mind. And there is no evidence that the gurus advised against staying fit or exercising :).

  16. kamallarosekaur

    “They read and contemplate scriptures, they practice the inner cleansing techniques of yoga, and control of the breath. But they cannot escape from the company of the five passions (lust, rage, greed, pride and attachment). They are increasingly bound to egotism.

    This is not the way to meet the Supreme One and Only. I have performed these rituals so many times. Finally I collapsed, exhausted, at the door of my Creator and I prayed to the Beloved One, ‘Please, grant me a discerning intellect’”.

    Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 642

  17. Dr. Harjit singh

    lovely, spread message of SGGS to this world. To make SGGS as your guru , you need not to accept sikhism. Guru is one who guides every aspect of life. from birth till death. Guru is God himself.

  18. kaur


    Im a Sikh (well not practising) from the uk and found your posts very interesting to read and will join your board. Thankyou for being a inspiration to others. Keep up the good work!

    miss kaur

  19. Baldev Singh

    Dear Kamalla Kaur,

    what a fantistic Website…The Greatest for having the feature on ‘John Smith of the American Atheist Society’ replying to Ali Sina…I tell everyone interested with Sikhism to ‘Google’ SOULBRIDE’S KITCHEN-JOHN SMITH OF AMERICAN ATHEIST SOCIETY and what comes up is AWESOME! just as powerful as the controversial but ‘GENIUS’ Philosopher Rajneesh, who studied all the worlds major so called ‘holy’ books and said that he had become ‘unstuck’ with the SRI GURU GRANTH SAHEB! SIKHISM is timless and universal and defeats mindless and senseless Dogma which GURU NANAK talks about 500 years ago and which has left our beautiful Planet.
    on the edge of oblivion…We need Quality not Quantity on Earth.

    p.s. have you got a contact number Kamalla Kaur Ji ? would love to say hello

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