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Winter Break, Snowed In


Photo: Mark Wills

Winter Break, Snowed In

Ken and I are enjoying Winter Break from university.  It keeps snowing and we hike to the store as needed.  As a child I often saw The Nutcracker Ballet performed at this time of year, and sitting inside,warm and cozy, watching it snow outside our windows, reminds me of the Snowflake Waltz.

Below is my favorite version from YouTube but Ken wonders why they aren’t wearing hexagonal snowflake tutus, each one different, with matching unique snowflake hats? I think that is a great idea! I’d probably have snowflakes dancing at different elevations too, but we both agree that the stage set is beautiful.

My paternal grandmother, known by all as Ida (never Grandma), called this game, “If I Ran The Church”.  It could become  “If I Ran The Company” or  “If I Ran This Non-Profit”.  Ken and I enjoy playing “If We Choreographed The Dance” and “If We Made That Movie” or “Music Video”. We welcome all players.

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful and peaceful Winter work Break.



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