Do Not Be Concerned With Public Opinion

Kamalla Rose Kaur

I was contemplating my life from three galaxies over today. I was imagining looking back at this Milky Way Galaxy, a small swirl of fuzzy lights, from far far away; and I was speculating on how many stars and solar systems there are in our galaxy, and observing how insignificant and off to the side of everything our solar system is.

I couldn’t help reflecting about how I might have been a dolphin living on this little outback and obscure ecosystem called earth (which is spinning, while flying through space, in an ellipse around a star) but I was born on land instead; a human being.

Like all humans, I may have 80 years or so to live out my life’s story on earth.

I find it doubtful that any beings, entities, intelligences, or creatures out in infinite space will have any desire or ability to witness or understand the story of my life anymore than I have the ability to understand their life on their planet. So probably only other humans could possibly care about the story of my life, or your life, one way or the other. Elephants aren’t concerned about our human life stories, that is for sure.

Yet from 3 galaxies over, it is hard to notice or care about the stories of one species from a small planet “somewhere, out there” anymore than I care much about the social dramas of insects – much less the life story of some individual bug.

Actually from 3 galaxies over it is easy for me to see that in the short history of humanity many many people have been born, lived, and died. A few humans have been remembered in the history and legends of their cultures, but just a few. Some, like Guru Nanak, get remembered for being good and some get remembered because they were extremely harmful. Many humans get remembered simply because they had money and power to spend on attempting to keep their memory alive on earth beyond their deaths.

Problem is, seen from 3 galaxies over, humanity appears to be a predatory species that is taking over and polluting our own planet; letting fellow earth creatures die. What is so great about “going down” in human history? Our planet – out in the middle of nowhere in space – is being taken over and abused by humans. Humans appear to be totally crazy and suicidal. We are fouling our own life support systems.

We are the bad-guy species on earth.

Actually the way things are going on earth right now, we humans may not have a history to go down into anymore, even if “going down” in the history of humans could ever be admirable in the grand scheme of things.

Face it, living our lives to impress other humans is no more meaningful within the Infinity of the Universe than the impression one mosquito makes on fellow mosquitos. Who cares?

I mean this as a real question: “Who cares?”

You are the one who cares about your own life story, if anyone does – right?

You, hopefully, care about the story of your life.

And also the Infinite One cares.

Sikhs believe that Creator/Creation (the Ek, Ong Kaar) is the Source and the heart of every being. The Beloved One is intimately interested in every life story everywhere; dolphins, elephants, insects, humans and alien creatures alike. God is watching our every thought and our every feeling, in every moment. If we ask, the Creator/Creation is eager to help us through our difficulties. God is our audience, and we are God’s audience. We can’t hide anything from the One and Only, and what other humans think of us is pretty darn irrelevant within the vastness of the Cosmic One.

It only matters what the Beloved One thinks of us.

On our Death Day we will each of us review our life story with God.

On page 1412 of the Sri Guru Granth, Guru Nanak instructs Sikhs:

“If you desire to play this game of love with Me;

step onto My Path,

put your head in your hand,

and walk.

Give Me your head, and do not be concerned with public opinion.”

From 3 galaxies over, who notices the suffering or triumphs of one mere ant or human on one small planet, that is lost amidst billions of solar systems?

Only the Beloved One, Creator, Creation and Cause of the Cosmos, truly sees you, loves you and understands the essence of your soul.

Given the vast reality of the Universe (a vastness that Guru Nanak fully experienced, wrote, and sang about without having ever seen photos from the Hubble Space telescope) it is only the Ek Ong Kar (the One and Only, All That Is) who understands and honors the specialness of your soul and my soul.

That “specialness” has nothing to do with how glorius and noble it is to be a human, or about what a superior and important planet we live on. Dolphins and elephants are generally more admirable than humans, I imagine, and earth is quite insignificant anyway.

Yet on Death Day, the Beloved and you will review your life’s story. Your life will flash before your eyes and the destiny of your soul will be evaluated and Sikhs believe that your soul will continue on.

In other words your soul is important. Your soul is the reason for your life story. You are on earth because this is the environment in which your soul is enacting your life story right now. You are the hero of your own life story, and you are also the audience – you and God, that is.

If you feel frustrated with how meaningless your life feels, if you get spooked by how insignificant you are compared to Infinity, try surrendering your life to Creator/Creation and try not concerning yourself with whether your family accepts this change in you, or whether your community thinks you are odd.

“If you desire to play this game of love with Me;

step onto My Path,

put your head in your hand,

and walk.

Give Me your head, and do not be concerned with public opinion.”



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2 responses to “Do Not Be Concerned With Public Opinion

  1. I.J. Singh

    Excellent commentary on life. Beautiful

  2. kamallarosekaur

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

    I.J. Singh!

    Thank you so much for appearing here. I pray that you and your wife are well.

    I want to read your whole book about living in the USA through the civil rights movement, the peace movement and the women’s movement.

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