Winter Break, Snowed In


Photo: Mark Wills

Winter Break, Snowed In

Ken and I are enjoying Winter Break from university.  It keeps snowing and we hike to the store as needed.  As a child I often saw The Nutcracker Ballet performed at this time of year, and sitting inside,warm and cozy, watching it snow outside our windows, reminds me of the Snowflake Waltz.

Below is my favorite version from YouTube but Ken wonders why they aren’t wearing hexagonal snowflake tutus, each one different, with matching unique snowflake hats? I think that is a great idea! I’d probably have snowflakes dancing at different elevations too, but we both agree that the stage set is beautiful.

My paternal grandmother, known by all as Ida (never Grandma), called this game, “If I Ran The Church”.  It could become  “If I Ran The Company” or  “If I Ran This Non-Profit”.  Ken and I enjoy playing “If We Choreographed The Dance” and “If We Made That Movie” or “Music Video”. We welcome all players.

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful and peaceful Winter work Break.



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2 responses to “Winter Break, Snowed In

  1. Having studied ballet for a number of years I found it to be a complete meditation because it was not possible for my mind to wander and hope to execute any particular motion. It takes complete focus and complete alignment of body and mind. It takes years of daily training to perfect a move and a great deal of strength and coordination. I loved working on point but lacked the ability to ever excell beyond my own enjoyment following choreography. It gives me a very good understanding of the accumulated years of effort it took to put on that 6 minute show by the dancers. The costumes and settings requiring by far the very least in effort but perhaps the greatest in pulling off a show for the un-initiated observer. Personally I would be every bit as impressed with nary a costume because I understand the process of the execution. Just one sashay across the stage would be far beyond may capability these days. I love to watch them though with a certain amount agonizing over the steps while dissecting each maneuver needed to produce the moves 🙂
    The costumes do resemble somehow the plops of snow on the trees in your photograph. How lovely that you are getting precipitation in some form.
    Thanks ever so much for sharing.

  2. blazingrace

    Not being from the Northwest, originally, it’s mind blowing to me that people just look at the snow and shut the city down. The cost from not plowing, sanding or dare I say it? Salting once every few years, is so much more than just taking care of what needs to be done. Three weeks of being shut in, and luckily no emergency, but what if?

    It was a beautiful break from life, but by the third week, it began to lose it’s cuteness. I live on a big hill, and even when others could get out, I couldn’t.

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