Electric Guitar Prayer

Reflecting my cultural background and my generation within my cultural background, my favorite musical instrument is the electric guitar. I love all the sounds it can make – well not all of them actually…but the electric guitar offers a great range of depths and heights, and oceans, forests and streams, in between, to modern world musicians.

I do not actually care much for harmoniums which are often used in Sikh Kirtan – much prefer electronic keyboards where excellent Ragis can design the sound of each note if they wish. The harmonium is a colonial thing. A wheezy little organ thing.

Now tablas on the other hand……wow. wow guru.

Here is one of my favorite electric guitar pieces performed by a young Larry Carlton. It was obviously filmed as the final number of as televised concert, so credits roll at the end, and they even cut off the last few notes of the song!

Still it is an excellent example of praying with music, I feel – called “Emotions Wound Us So”.


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