Smoke On The Water – Japanese version



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5 responses to “Smoke On The Water – Japanese version

  1. Verrry interesting.
    I spotted a single woman maybe 2 by the time I noticed their absence. I’m a bit surprised at you spotlighting a male dominated orchestra? Also curious do you relate this in anyway to Sikhi? or is this multi forum – hence ‘kitchen’ – what ever on hand goes into the soup pot?
    Anyway I kept waiting to see a smoke rise off of lake, or fog. perhaps name is intriguing smoke screen to get click 😉

  2. kamallarosekaur

    Hi Sukhmandir Kaur,

    About half of the readers here, far as I can tell, are Sikhs and half are not Sikhs. Many are local friends of mine.

    I have no problem with male artists performing together, or female artists. Why would you think that?

    Racism and sexism that are institutionalized by religions, businesses, governments, clubs etc.- that is a whole different matter, of course. But I love hanging out with Sisters making music and other wholesome fun, and I enjoy listening to the Brothers too.

    Beyond that, world music and strange cultural mixtures of music fascinate me no end.

  3. kamallarosekaur

    For those unfamiliar with the song “Smoke on the Water” it is a very famous popular song from the time of the 1960s Rebellion. It was written and performed by a rock band named “Deep Purple” and it is about a real experience they had. They were playing a concert and the place caught on fire.

    Smoke on the Water
    Deep Purple

    We all came out to montreux
    On the lake geneva shoreline
    To make records with a mobile
    We didnt have much time
    Frank zappa and the mothers
    Were at the best place around
    But some stupid with a flare gun
    Burned the place to the ground
    Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

    They burned down the gambling house
    It died with an awful sound
    Funky claude was running in and out
    Pulling kids out the ground
    When it all was over
    We had to find another place
    But swiss time was running out
    It seemed that we would lose the race
    Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

    We ended up at the grand hotel
    It was empty cold and bare
    But with the rolling truck stones thing just outside
    Making our music there
    With a few red lights and a few old beds
    We make a place to sweat
    No matter what we get out of this
    I know well never forget
    Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

  4. Now that you mention it, many music groups tend not to be co-ed. Ther are a few of course but men especially seem to dominate the whole music scene.

    There are many woman kirtanis, but they tend to group together. I suppose one major reason is voice ranges differ. If you have ever seen Bhai Jiwan Singh ji do kirtan, he always has singhnis come and sit with him to sing. He has an unusualy high voice and not many singhs are able to accompany him comfortably.

    I don’t get many opportunites to inspire me to keep active singing as I’m so far from sangat. Thinking about Bhai Sahib, just now I realized I’ve hardly sung at all since seeing him last. If he is able to make it back to the US & CA I won’t forgo the opportunity to sing with him again.

  5. kamallarosekaur

    Hi Sukhmandir Kaur,

    Vocationally speaking it is a disadvantage to be a woman. We make less money for the same work. All women’s groups are carefully not funded by industry, including the USA music industry. But the USA music industry, at least, is history. It has been replaced. Youth streams from the internet. Times are a-changing.

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