Dolphins and Air Bubbles



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2 responses to “Dolphins and Air Bubbles

  1. Melanie

    Hi Kamalla,
    I just read your interview about the Campus School. I could easily picture you as a spunky redheaded free spirit on the top of Old Main. I knew a few of the profs you mentioned. And it gave me pause to think how much BUF has changed since the 60s. We arrived in Bham and to work at WWU in 1981. It seemed kind of “sleepy” compared to Seattle, but I did enjoy the laid-back feel. Of course, students at the Business School were not as liberal or idealistic as those at Fairhaven College. Downtown Bellingham had a really mellow, unsophisticated ambiance, not at all yuppie.

    You are so creative and articulate. Your ability to observe so meticulously and remember those details, and your indominatable spirit make you a wonderful writer, even when the format is an interview. I hope the program at WWU in creative writing is actually teaching you something you didn’t already know how to do. Wishing you all the best and lots of love, MELANIE

  2. kamallarosekaur

    The interview:

    BUF – Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship
    WWU – Western Washington University
    yuppie – young urban professionals, corporate cubicle dwellers.

    Thanks Melanie for your kind words and steadfast encouragement. Your opinions really matter to me. And yes, Bellingham is truly “the city of subdued excitement!”

    Turns out that the happiest times of my life have been while attending universities. My classes are very challenging and my writing professors are tremendously skilled.

    There are two or three mature women in each of my classes and also two or three other people who are no longer under 25. The rest are 18-24 year olds – a fascinating group – hard to read. The “look” (for the majority seeking comformity) is unisex jeans, a T shirt and a hoody ( a sweatshirt with hood). They wear ear plugs that shoot music into their brains, and they talk on cell phones instead of talking with each other.

    But in my writing classes, even these blandest of Uni-university students must share their scribblings in small groups and with the whole crowd.

    These young Creative Writing majors write very very well. Of course they have been typing since age three on computer keyboards. They appear to be able to have conversations with many people, all at the same time, using computer chat boxes.

    But not in my classes. No text messaging allowed either.

    They write so well and they offer wonderful feedback and advice to their classmates on ways to improve our writings. I am sincerely impressed.

    Age however does have advantages. Artists in our fifties and sixties and beyond have good stories, a wide perspective and humor. Young artists, of course, have the advantage of “IT”…

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