Guru Argan

page 848 SGGS

Seek the Beloved, O fortunate ones,

and join the Saadh Sangat,

the company of honest, humble and holy people.

Sing the Glorious Praises of the Source of the Universe,

forever, imbued with Love.

Serve only the Beloved One, forever,

and you shall obtain the rewards you desire.

O Nanak, seek the Sanctuary of the Supreme One,

meditate and thus ride the many waves of the mind.

I shall not forget the Beloved One, even for an instant.

Creator/Creation has blessed me with everything.

By great good fortune, I have met the Infinite One;

as Gurmukh (someone who follows the Sikh Guru’s Teachings),

I contemplate my Divine Husband.

Holding me by the arm, the Beloved lifted me up,

and pulled me out of the darkness, and made me His own.

Reflecting on the Naam,

Nanak lives;

my mind and heart are cooled and soothed.

What virtues of Yours can I speak, O Beloved, O Searcher of hearts?

Meditating, meditating, remembering You,

I have crossed over to the other shore.

Singing Glorious Praises of the Source of the Universe,

all my desires got fulfilled.

Nanak is saved, reflecting on the Beloved One,

who is the only real Lord and Master of all.

Sublime are those eyes, which are drenched with the Love of the Beloved One.

Gazing upon Creator/Creation, my desires are fulfilled;

I have met the One and Only, the Friend of my soul.

I have obtained the Ambrosial Nectar of Divine Love,

and now the taste of corruption is insipid and distasteful to me.

O Nanak, as water mingles with water, my light has merged into the Light.


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One response to “SEEK THE BELOVED ONE

  1. Gurmit Singh

    To attain the Divine Knowledge for achieving this
    aim as taught by Guru Sahib, let us become the True Devotees of Akaal Purkh and perform the righteous deeds. thanks,

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