Walking with Guru Arjan


By Kamalla Rose Kaur
April 05, 2003

A few days ago, I asked the Siri Guru Granth what I should write about and I got an absolutely wonderful poem on page 520, sung by Guru Arjan. I copied it, edited the sexist English language out and improved the word flow a bit. Then I saved the interpretation so that I could write an article about it when I had the time.

Days later, when I had a few moments to think about writing another article about the Siri Guru Granth (Sikh scripture and only Teacher), my mood no longer seemed to fit Guruji’s earlier offering, so I decided to ask the Guru Granth for an alternate inspiration.

I sat down and prayed.

And then I opened the Siri Guru Granth Sahib to the same poem on the same page.

1430 pages to choose from and I landed on exactly the same poem, on page 520 of the Sikh scripture.

“OK, OK!” I muttered my apologies, “You want me to write an article about this specific Guru Arjan poem. I get it!”

So I dutifully reread the hymn very carefully.

And I found I didn’t have one thing to say about it.

Rather, it seemed while rereading it that I was suddenly out in nature, with the day off from all labors, including artistic, taking a walk with an ever youthful Guru Arjan – simply listening to his thoughts on life and God and love and people.

One moment I saw in my mind’s eye Guru Arjan addressing the God/Nature force of Creation all around us, and then, in the next stanza, he would seem to turn and speak to me in an intimate tone – teaching me about humanity – specifically my own humanity. Then Guru Arjan would return to his praiseful conversation with the Great God of the forests, streams, rocks and wind – back and forth, talking to me and talking to the Creator/Creation as he walked the forest trail!

What an amazing friend the Sri Guru Granth is – the kind who leaves me speechless, and smiling, refreshed with humor restored! The Sikh Guruji is, I find, the very kind of friend that Guru Arjan describes in this hymn of his.

Guru Arjan writes:

Crossing the stream, my foot does not get stuck!

I am filled with love for You, Creator/Creation!

O Infinite ONE, my heart is attached to Your Feet.

You are Nanak’s raft and boat.

There are certain people in this world – the very sight of them banishes my

They are my only real friends.

I have searched the whole world;

O Nanak, and how rare are such persons!

You come to mind, O God, when I behold Your true devotees.

The filth of my mind is removed

when I keep the the company of the honestly humble and holy.

The fear of birth and death is dispelled

while meditating on the Word of God’s humble servants everywhere.

Such sants untie the bonds, and all the demons evaporate.

They inspire people on this planet to love the One who established the entire Universe.

The seat of the inaccessible and infinite Creator/Creation is the highest of the high.

So night and day, with each and every breath, think on the Cosmic One.

When the Beloved One becomes merciful we discover the society of compassionate people.

In this wondrous forest of the world, there is chaos and confusion

shrieks emanate from the highways.

I am in love with You, O my Divine Spouse, my Beloved One.

O Nanak, I travel through this jungle in joy.

– Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 520.


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One response to “Walking with Guru Arjan

  1. Gurmit Singh

    Entire Gurbaani, the Divine Word – Divine Knowledge is Amrit. We should rejoice whole life by praising God’s Virtues and leading the righteous/truthful way of life.

    With best wishes,

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