Reunion with a Friend Of Mine – Kate Wolf

I am so very pleased to find a couple Kate Wolf videos suddenly out on YouTube. I never met Kate Wolf personally, rather I am a huge fan of hers. I raised my children on Kate Wolf. I grieved tremendously when she died so young of cancer.

Kate Wolf kept right on writing and playing USA folk music, when most of her generation went out and created other musical traditions. She succeeded, especially on the West Coast USA, because she wrote songs about our relationship with Nature, and our experience of deep friendship. I have wanted to perform “Like A River” my whole life, or so it seems now. I love songs that are about Nature and not so much about people.

Like a River:

The young dark haired woman mandolin player is Nina Gerber. When she was a teen she attended a small Kate Wolf concert and she decided that she would learn to play guitar and mandolin so well that Kate Wolf would want her as an accompanist. Nina pull off her dream and also became one of the greatest folk “pickers” of this world.

Here is a Kate Wolf love song about friendships between musicians.

Friend of Mine:



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2 responses to “Reunion with a Friend Of Mine – Kate Wolf

  1. Larry Williams

    What a nice way to wake up on a sleeply Saturday morning. Thanks—Larry

  2. kamallarosekaur

    Friend sent me this information about the yearly Kate Wolf Memorial Festival.

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