Guru Arjan SGGS page 924

Friend, my Friend – standing so near to me is my Friend!

Beloved, my Beloved – with my eyes, I have seen my Beloved!

With my eyes I see my Beloved

sleeping upon the bed within each and every heart.

My Beloved is the sweetest ambrosial nectar.

My Beloved is with all, but cannot be found;

the fool does not know this taste.

Intoxicated with the wine of Maya (worldly concerns)

mortals babble on about trivial things.

Giving into illusions, we cannot see the Beloved One.

Says Nanak, without Guruji’s help, you may not comprehend

the Friend who is standing near.


My God – the Support of the breath of life- this is my God.

Merciful One, my God is the Merciful One- the Giver of gifts.

The Giver of gifts is infinite and unlimited;

deep within each and every heart.

My Beloved is so beautiful!

My Beloved created Maya (worldly illusions; everything you can’t take with you).

Maya, so powerfully pervasive – enticer of all beings and creatures.

One whom my Beloved rescues sings praise to the True Naam,

and contemplates the Word of Guruji’s Shabad (the SGGS, the scripture we are reading).

Says Nanak, one who is pleasing to my God;

well, my God is very dear to that person.


I take pride, I take pride in my Beloved.

I take pride in my God.

Wise, my God is the source of wisdom.

Creator/Creation, our only real Master, is all-wise, and all-knowing.

All-wise and all-knowing, and forever supreme.

The Naam of my Beloved is Ambrosial Nectar.

Those who have this wondrous destiny recorded upon their foreheads;

taste it,

and are suddenly satisfied with the Source of the Universe.

They meditate and find the Beloved.

They place their pride in the Beloved One.


Says Nanak, my Beloved is seated on eternity’s throne;

which is the only True royal court.


This song of joy, my Beloved’s song of joy;

listen to this song of my joy in my God.

The wedding song, my Beloved’s wedding song;

the soundless sound of the Cosmic One’s wedding song resounds.

The soundless sound resonates,

and the Word of this Shabad (hymn) resounds.

Join me, join me, in continuous, continual rejoicing!


Meditate on MY God! Everything will be obtained.

My God does not die, or come or go.

Thirst is quenched, and hopes are fulfilled;

the Gurmukh (one who takes the SGGS as Guru/Guide/teacher)

meets with the absolute, unmanifest One.


Says Nanak, in the home of my God,

songs of joy are continuously, continually heard.



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