A Bad Bad Day In Corporate Cubicle Land



A friend sent me this video link, an assortment of examples of really bad days as filmed by surrveilance cameras in modern offices. I am struck by the horrible, dehumanizing, work conditions that corporate employees put up with!



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6 responses to “A Bad Bad Day In Corporate Cubicle Land

  1. Very, very sad. Just makes me cry!!! Guess I’ve been there.

  2. which is one of the reasons why i decided NEVER to go back to cubicle land after my injury, regardless of how much money i make.

    it’s just not worth it.

  3. sutprem

    I laughed so hard. I guess I havn’t been there . Show me a person stuck in the vicious cycles of post cult life, banging their head against a wall, or continuously moving their belongings in and out of their vehicle from changing living locations every 3 months and I’d probably cry too.

  4. kamallarosekaur

    Hi Sutprem,

    I laughed really hard too; but I also now feel really really sad. Maybe what makes Nori, you and I (all cult survivors) feel strongly enough in either direction (laugh or cry) – and inspires us to post about it – is how much corporate life IS a cult experience.

    I tell people that I survived 2 cults this life; Yogi Bhajan’s group and being a Silicon valley wife in the 1980s. Only thing I miss about those years is the money.

  5. Keep Smiling –
    till the time comes –
    ‘When The Affairs Are Past Redemption,
    By All Other Peaceful Intentions,
    It Is Just To Assert The Right,
    Through The Sword
    And A Righteous Fight!’

    [Zafarnama by Guru Gobind]
    [P. 313]

  6. kamallarosekaur

    Perminder Singh,

    Yes indeed, and speaking about practicing all possible peaceful intentions:

    When it comes to multinational corporations, and how amoral and immoral they are in their fixation on the bottomline$, we can all vote with our wallets. Buy local. Grow veggies. Conquer your addiction to oil and quit working for them; if you can, as soon as you can.

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