The Sikh Motorcycle Club


The Sikh Motorcycle Club

The Sikh Motorcycle club is the only one of its kind in all of Canada. The club is the result of hard work by BC Sikhs to single-handedly win the battle to amend the Motor Vehicle Act for the Sikhs. The club was formed by Avtar Gill, Malkeet Singh and radio Host Harjinder Thind.

The motorcycle club began holding regular meetings and started riding in flocks as well as writing the Constitution of the club. The main purpose of the club is to enhance communication between the mainstream societies and bring awareness about Sikhs. The Sikh next door is not a stranger.



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4 responses to “The Sikh Motorcycle Club

  1. kamallarosekaur

    I think this is so wonderful! A fabulous way to have fun and do good!

    I don’t wish to criticize, only praise but uh….

    Where are the women? Motorcycle clubs are commonly half women, except the Hell Angels and so forth. Nice motorcycle clubs are all half women, aren’t they? Sikh women do not like to ride motorcycles? Do Kaur turbans pass the turban test?

    “How fun is it to tour on motorcycles without women along?” I am sure readers, like me, must be wondering. We know you don’t drink beer so you talk about sports? The stock market?

    It is so cool to be different and wear a turban, but why choose to be different along gender lines? I don’t get that part.

    Groups of men on motorcycles can turn out to be gangs, not clubs. Groups of men and women on motorcycles are almost always motorcycle touring clubs.

    It takes activism to change the helmet law and it takes activism to establish gender equality. I think everyone everywhere understands this. I would like to challenge you to successfully recruit Sikh women to your new club.

    • singh vikramjit

      if you look closely you will find that kaurs also ride with us politly speaking i did like your open minded comments i think you should come and meet us at Guru Nanaks free kitchen on corner of hastings@main st vancouver bc.every sunday rain or shine@ around


      The Question is are they following the Law in BC. The person in picture doesn’t look like following the Law at all because Law says
      B.C. Reg. 237/99
      O.C. 890/99 Deposited July 19, 1999
      Motor Vehicle Act
      Motorcycle Safety Helmet
      Exemption Regulation
      1 The following persons are exempt from the requirements of section 221 of the Motor Vehicle Act:
      (a) a person who
      (i) practices the Sikh religion, and
      (ii) has unshorn hair and habitually wears a turban composed of 5 or more square meters of cloth.
      [Provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 318, relevant to the enactment of this regulation: section 221 (3)]
      Here is the link for this law
      Have fun with Safety according to Law.

  2. satnam pawar

    hi i am satnam pawar a member of sikh motorcycle club.i was part of both nagar kirtan sahib so if someone have the pictures please send me on ( ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

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