The shepherd is in the field for only a short time, so it is for us in this world.

Practicing falsehood, people build their homes.

Wake up! Wake up!

O sleepers, see that the traveling merchant is leaving.

(Pause and reflect on this)

Go ahead and build your houses, if you think you will stay here forever and ever.

Yet your body shall fall, and your soul shall depart.

If you only really knew this.

Why do you cry out and mourn wildly for the dead?

Creator/Creation is, and shall always be.

You mourn for that person, but who will mourn for you?

You are engrossed in worldly entanglements, my Siblings, and you are practicing falsehood.

The dead person does not hear anything at all.

Your cries are heard only by other people.

The Infinite One causes the mortal to sleep, O Nanak.

And the Infinite One can awaken you again!

When you understand your true home, you will then become lucid, aware – awakened!

If you can take your wealth with you, then go ahead and gather wealth around yourself.

See the picture?

Reflect upon it, and understand.

Make your best deal and obtain the true merchandise, or else you shall regret it later.

Abandon your vices, and practice virtue, and you shall obtain the essence of reality.

Plant the seed of Truth in the soil of your life, and be a good farmer.

Only then will you be a true merchant, an honest business person.

These are profits that you can take with you!

If the Beloved One shows you Mercy, you will meet your True Spiritual Guide, Guru, this life.

Contemplating true teachings, you can easily come to understand.

Chant the Naam, hear the Naam, and deal only in the Naam (constant awareness of the One).

As is the profit, so is the loss – this is the way of the world.

Whatever pleases the Divine Will – this, O Nanak, is glory enough for me. ”

– Page 418, Siri Guru Granth Sahib


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