Stereotypes and White Privilege



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3 responses to “Stereotypes and White Privilege

  1. Gurmit Singh

    Thanks for sharing this multicultural video – very complex manmade problem. It seems to me that Aryans, who came towards Indian continent, projected themselves Brahmins as a superior class and ruled over other suppressed poor masses whereas those who scattered in Europe and America, became Whitemen. No doubt they are intelligent, rich, rulers but as we have seen when opportunity of education, employment and other friendly environment is available, others can also progress as in sports, music, education, etc.

    Now time has come that we should have mutual respect, dignity, equality and understanding so that all could elevate their lives without any distinction. Poor blacks irrespective of their origin whether African or Indian or West Indies or Middle east should be encouraged to educate themselves, improve their living standard by hard work, dress gracefully and follow the general behaviour so that no one is hurt or feels offended.
    Smile and talk nicely.

  2. kamallarosekaur

    Hi Gurmit Singh and all,

    This video did not explore the stereotypes that people of all races have toward East Indians, but for Sikh males in turbans; “Terrorist” is the main concept. Sikhs and Muslims get to share the same cultural stereotypes, though the cultures and religions are very different.

    These High School students show how the stereotypes that all races have about each other benefit, or cause little harm to “Whites” yet they hurt people of color.

    Wired into the East Indian caste system is the common preference for “fair” skin; though actually marrying a caucasian is going too far. This is because long long long ago, fairer skinned invaders conquered India and enslaved the darker indigenous peoples and they installed the caste system. The caste system of India is incredible; the oldest, most disgusting example of fully institutionalized racism on earth. Like slavery in the USA, it isn’t – after a few generations – strictly about about skin “color” because the high caste, fairer skin “Masters” sexually dominate the low castes.

    How are Sikhs fighting racism and caste within Sikh community?

  3. Quite a well-made video. It is a little surreal to see the UA campus (where I go to school) on a video that I randomly came across on the internet, though.

    It’s strange how there appear to be fewer stereotypes about white people, or that they are less well known. I think I fit most of the white stereotypes myself, actually–priviliged, a little conceited, etc. Stereotypes are often loosely based on real experiences. All of the stereotypes of other groups that I know that aren’t in some way based on some experience of mine seem really silly to me (i.e. blacks liking chicken, asians driving badly, arabs being angry terrorists, etc.)

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