Martin Luther King: Breaking The Silence, 40 Years Late

In his last few years of life, Martin Luther King dedicated himself to helping the poor and preaching non-violence and humility to the USA government. His knew he was in grave danger. He was killed while helping out with a garbage collector’s strike. Now forty years later, his role has been “white-washed’ a great deal. Martin Luther King’s message is often limited in scope to his dream of harmony and fellowship between the races. This is what he really said:

Jaskaran Singh, age 6, gives an inspirational speech on the life of Martin Luther King:



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2 responses to “Martin Luther King: Breaking The Silence, 40 Years Late

  1. Gurmit Singh

    Although Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (India)and Martin Luther King (USA) were shot dead, their ideology was not same because MK Gandhi did not condemn casteism but his interest was to project Hinduism only. After his death he has been proved to be a big hypocrite.

    Whereas ML King raised his concern about the poor mostly blacks who were brought to USA to work as slaves.

    But now USA President George W Bush has undone all the past good work. Americans must getup and stop such Democratic dictatorship.

  2. kamallarosekaur

    Happy Martin Luther King Junior Day 2009!

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