Gora (White) Sikhs

Within Sikhi as taught by Yogi Bhajan members are encouraged to wear all white turbans and clothing so they stand out, not only in the world at large, but more important yet, among Sikhs who are not Yogi Bhajan followers. The photo opportunites seem endless, giving the impression that Sikhs everywhere accept and honor Yogi Bhajan’s role as chief administrative and religious leader of Sikhi in the West.



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14 responses to “Gora (White) Sikhs

  1. Gurmit Singh

    Heading gives me impression that Sikhs are known as Gora-White Sikhs; Black Sikhs; Brown Sikhs; Mona Sikhs; Patit Sikhs; Ramgarhia Sikhs; Jaat Sikhs, Sikligar Sikhs; Rajput Sikhs, Ravidasia Sikhs and so on….. but hardly any Guru Ka Sikh ?

    At least those, who voluntarily adopted Sikh religion should not use such terminology because
    once any person adopts Sikh religion, we become
    Sikhs of the Guru – the Spiritual & Temporal Enlightenment reflected through Gurbaani in the
    Guru Granth Sahib, and keep their unique Sikh Identity as blessed by our Gurus Sahibaan.

    Whereas, others have their own gurus i.e.

    1) Sachkhand Vaasi Braham Giani Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranwala is the guru of the Damdami Taksaals;

    2) Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh jee is guru for AKJ;

    3) Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Yogi Harbhajan Singh jee, guru of the 3HO followers in white dresses;

    4) Other Deravaads have their own personal sant – babas in hundreds;

    5) plus various cult/sect leaders Radhasoamies,
    Nirankaris, Namdharis, Ramdaisias, Ramgarhias, etc.

  2. kamallarosekaur

    Bless you Gurmit Singh,

    I agree with you completely, except…

    Politeness dictates that we call people what they wish to be called.

    They wish to be called Gora Sikhs, or very actively do not mind it. Check out:
    The Gora Pride Movement

    And when Sikhs of Punjabi descent call Yogi Bhajan Sikhs “Gora” this may well NOT be a racial reference because Yogi Bhajan Sikhs wear their all white costumes.

    Now I do not appreciate being called a Gora Sikh one bit – those are fighting words for me. Because I am pink with brown spots, and proud of it. You understand.

    And, as much as Yogi Bhajan Sikhs are happy being called “Gora Sikhs”, I don’t call them that anywhere but right here on this one blog page.

    Why? So that when people search the internet for “Gora Sikhs” they come visit this page. I admit it.

    Having confessed, I am amazed at how many people search for those two words “Gora Sikhs” and how many hits this page receives.

  3. Raja Singh

    VaheGuroo jee ka khalsa! VaheGuroo jee kee fateh!!!

    It is so easy to point fingers at the Gurunaam leva and GuruBani loving Sikhs, specially if you haven’t gotten in touch with with one.

    I am like you and don’t belong to any Jathhebandees/ groups, but have gotten a chance to be touched by some true guruKeSikhs that looked so ordinary yet were on a different plane. Since then, I have learnt my lesson as a Sikh student to not judge anyone from the outer appearance.

    In the above mentioned 5 groups, I don’t agree with the first three groups and would request you to site the references for your assumptions. There are so many websites that these groups have, and I implore you to suggest some of the official websites that suggest that the top three groups mention the sants/leaders to be the Gurus. Gurus are above the group leaders and leaders follow the GuruHukum to lead a group. Sukhmani Sahib dee baani is full of references about how to deal with Sants. I hope that all of us will get over our personal opinions to see what gurujee’s opinions are about the GuruPyareeSikhs.

    Granted people like you (that you are so wise) don’t need any directions, hence don’t need a leader and that you can easily understand guru jee’s hukum directly but then there are so many other unfortunate that need help of these leaders to lead them towards guru and then the guru leads them to VaheGuroo.

  4. kamallarosekaur

    Hi Raja Singh,

    I have lots of experience with Yogi Bhajan Sikhs – too much crime and child abuse by far!


    I moderate a forum for Yogi Bhajan cult survivors.

    The Wacko World of Yogi Bhajan

    Personally I hold Guruji (the SGGS) as my only teacher and I honor the history and intentions of the SRM.

    I don’t agree that people misunderstand the Sikh scripture, rather I think they don’t read the SGGS, or follow Guruji’s guidance.

  5. Joginder Singh Foley

    Just remember that while many white/gora non sikhs find Sikhi via the Yogi Bhajan/3ho route not all white/gora sikhs come to Sikhi via the Yogi Bhajan/3ho route as i Joginder Singh Foley who deffinately did not come to Sikhi via the Yogi Bhajan/3ho route and get annoyed with my punjabi bros and sisters who think that white/gora Sikh equals Yogi Bhajan/3h0, While in many cases white/gora Sikh means Yogi Bhajan/3ho in this Sikh’s case and if you took the trouble to find out you will find that also applies to other white/gora sikhs as well

    • Hari

      Hey Joginder,

      I agree with every thing you said.

      I have met a few white Sikhs from 3HO side of the world, they were great people. I feel that IF we open OURSELVES first, the other person will open up automatically.

      When I was younger, so many times I was told by girls that you will go back to get married in India. And I did live up to the stereotype :). I mean we Punjabi’s don’t give the impression of being accepting and acceptability that easily either, and then blame others. It’s not even funny any more :).

      By the way we can go for beers some day if you live in Vancouver area.

      Cheers, Hari

  6. kamallarosekaur

    Hi Joginder Singh,

    Nice to meet you! How did you come to be a Sikh?

  7. “Sikhs everywhere accept and honor Yogi Bhajan’s role as chief administrative and religious leader of Sikhi in the West.”

    Who is Yogi Bhajan?

  8. Gurfateh kamalla rose kaur .

    I loved to go through this blog of yours. It’s a great piece of writing. Indeed, a good seva to the community.

    There’s a reason I chose this post to comment – You said , ” Yogi Bhajan members are encouraged to wear all white turbans and clothing so they stand out, not only in the world at large, but more important yet, among Sikhs who are not Yogi Bhajan followers…” but this was not the ‘objective’ of making his followers wear ‘white’ dresses and white turbans.
    It has more to do with the spiritual waves and reflection of the outer (material /maya) world on the soul and mind. Yogis know this thing and so many yogis recommend /suggest their ‘students’ ( not followers) to wear white.

    There’s a lot of description regarding colors in the SGGS . I’m not a Giyani so I can’t put the lines or Ang over here. But I had heard them in Katha.

    So I ‘request’ you to go through those lines of SGGS and understand the concept clearly and please – take some pain to discuss the point with other ‘students’ of Yogi Bhajan if they too think alike.

  9. So… SGPC is bad, Gora – sikh word is objectionable, Yogi is not all fine, Visa singh promotes RSS, Dera promote personal benefit to mahants, AKJ promotes different philosophy, Nirankaaris have different ideas, kal Afgan has revolutionary ideas…
    So who is OK…. YOU?

    no one is perfect… but people contribute to society. They saw an opportunity and used it…. partially for their own benefit…
    So, should we throw baby out with bath water?
    Suggest some constructive idea.
    Please do not promote your own idea of sikhism…
    I know there is a pure way.
    But there must be some motivated person to promote it. We need learned granthis, raagi, katha vaachaks.
    make them in such a great number so that there is not much scope of single person followership.
    Right now our people in Gurudwaras are not that literate.
    It is changing… let us see.

  10. Navtej

    Has anyone heard of Assamease Sikhs ? Would be glad if anybody can provide some detail information on them. Thanx in advance.

  11. kamallarosekaur

    Blessings b minhas,

    You say:
    “no one is perfect… but people contribute to society. They saw an opportunity and used it…. partially for their own benefit…
    So, should we throw baby out with bath water?
    Suggest some constructive idea.
    Please do not promote your own idea of sikhism…”

    Excuse me, please do not promote YOUR unresearched version of Sikhi taught by Yogi Bhajan as Sikhi! There is no baby, just mud.

    My constructive idea is for you and other Sikhs is to deprogram from cult mind control and stop supporting such a known sociopath. Obviously you do not believe YB was involved in Operation Bluestar but I do.

    Yogi Bhajan was an extremely evil man who should have gone to jail for trapping and raping and torturing young women. This is my opinion based on what has been told me in confidence. I believe that the Premka/Kate case tells the truth. I do not for one moment believe that Kate was the only victim of torture.


    When all sides of all the lawsuit face the truth about Yogi Bhajan the rapist – as well as facing all the other crimes he inspired and his international political meddling – then honest people on all sides will start to deprogram. Right now, however, I feel they are all still victims of cult mind control.


  12. Shiva Singh Khalsa

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

    I’m Caucasian, 40 years I identify myself as a Sikh and Khalsa.
    I spoke at my son’s elementary school last week talking about Sikhi and our faith tradition’s history and meaning. The teacher a born Catholic was amazed at how RELEVANT Sikhi is. She said “I love this religion” Wouldn’t you all agree?

    The Gurus in their Divine wisdom left a legacy for the Ages, not just a tribal religion – it is really universal. I feel to imagine such a relevant and inspired basis for living in this age of information will not spread all over the world is not recognizing it’s truth. It is a blessing that the Punjabi community held the Guru safely for centuries for the rest of the world to share.

    Remember Guru Gobind Singh said the “sun shall rise in the west” – take it easy I don’t mean us white guys are the saviors – I mean Sikhi will not be limited only to the Punjab.

    South Asian gas station attendants and other shop workers often ask if I am from Punjab. I say I am Gora Sikh or sardar angrez – why because that is a clear way to explain I am not South Asian of birth and they get a kick out of hearing me speak some Punjabi.
    But really – I don’t use that as a self identifier because for me Khalsa has no gender or race.

    Imagine how much suffering exists in a person’s life with out the Guru? We should not be afraid to share the Guru’s teachings or begrudge someone longing for the Guru’s jot.
    (By the way Yogi Harbhajan Singh never called himself a Guru – he was adamant about that, clearly stating the only Guru for a Khalsa is the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji)

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