SHADOWS by Livia Kaur


In a dream I was walking alone along life’s road. No one was in sight but then I looked down, and suddenly I noticed I was surrounded by shadows.

Whatever is seen, shall all pass away, like the shadow of a cloud.
O servant Nanak, one who knows the world to be unreal (a dream)
dwells in the Sanctuary of the Divine One.

SGGS page 219

Like the shadow of a tree;
when the breath of life passes out of the mortal being,

tell me, what becomes of his or her wealth?

SGGS page 325

As many as there are pleasures of Maya,

so many are the shadows they leave.

SGGS page 398

Power, wealth, pleasures and enjoyments,

ar like the shadow of a tree.

SGGS page 713

Power, wealth and youth are all just shadows,
as are the vehicles you see moving around.

SGGS page 1257

Righteousness and faith,

success and prosperity,

pleasure, the fulfillment of desires and liberation

– all follow the humble servant of the Creator/Creation

like a shadow.

SGGS page 1320


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