DREAM by Livia Kaur

dew-flower.jpgLivia Kaur

In the dream I was a flower. In the morning hours there were people walking by.
Someone stopped and said “Oh , you beautiful flower, the dew drops on you are shinning like pearls. I wish I could be like you, so nice to have the pearls.”

I, the flower said “Thank you for admiring my tears”.

Lines below are from the SGGS.

Leaving pots and pans, and the bobbins wet with tears,
the weaver soul departs in jealous anger.
I cannot survive without seeing my Beloved.
My eyes are welling up with tears;
feet, head and hands begin to tremble,
and the tears flow copiously.

Ascending to the Divine Mansion,
I gaze upon the Path,
and my eyes again fill with tears.
Tears well up in my eyes,
my body has become weak,
and my hair has become milky-white.
I cherish and remember the Friend;
the eyes of this soul-bride are filled with tears.
The eyes of this soul-bride are filled with tears;
I dwell upon Your Glorious Virtues.
How can I meet my Beloved One?


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One response to “DREAM by Livia Kaur

  1. Marvellous Livia Kaur! true daughter of the Great
    Guru! I have never seen nor read such a wonderful dream . Your Shabad choice from Gurbani is always great. It shows the regard for the Guru from your inner-self. Thank u ‘n wish -Satguru bless u.
    Balkar Singh Goraya (Captain) Retd.

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