The Sikh scripture (which is our only teacher and Guru) is a universalist and interfaith scripture. As well as hymns/poems written by the lineage of historic Sikh Gurus there are also Hindu and Muslim Sants represented.

Here is a teaching from the SGGS by Kabeer (Kabir) who lived a long life from around 1398-1498. Kabeer was raised by a Muslim weaver couple but he shunned organized religions of his day, and rejected rituals. He is one of Indian’s most famous and influential poets; honored particularly by Sikhs, Hindus and the Sufis (devotional Muslim sects).



Page 326 of the SGGS

You may annoint your limbs with sandalwood oil,
but in the end, that body of yours will be burned with the firewood.

Why should anyone take pride in their body or wealth?
Both shall end up lying on the ground;
they shall not go along with you.

(Pause and reflect on this teaching)

People sleep by night and work during the day,
but they do not remember the One,
they do not call the Beloved’s Name, even for an instant.

People hold the string of the kite in their hands,
and chew betel leaves in their mouths,
but at the time of death,
they get all tied up tight, like thieves.

Please, through Guruji’s Teachings,
become immersed in this Love;
sing the Glorious Praises of Infinity.
Call on the Naam (invoke God) and find peace.

In Mercy, the Beloved One, Creator/Creation
implants the Naam (constant awareness of the Almighty) within us;
inhale deeply the sweet satisfying aroma of the Cosmic One,
the Only Reality and Being.

Says Kabeer, remember Infinity, you blind fool!
Creator/Creation is True;
all your worldly affairs are false.


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