The Company of Authentically Humble and Holy People

Kamalla Rose Kaur

According to the Sikh Guru and scripture (and many other great teachers and teachings) God Almighty is on the side of honestly humble and holy people everywhere. If you want to connect with the Beloved One, go find honest, truthful, loving people. Work with them and pray with them and share songs of inspiration with them. Search out simple and good people who are busy helping other people. Give these authentically humble and holy people your help, your time and financial support. Thus your work and the Beloved’s work merge and you attain at-one-ment, atonement.

Do not waste your time supporting egotists and con artists and their institutions.

Guru Arjan says (SGGS page 912):

Some make a big show of their worldly influence.

Some make a big show of devotional worship.

Some practice inner cleansing teahniques,

and control the breath through Kundalini Yoga.

I am meek; I worship and adore Creator/Creation.

I place my faith in You alone, O Beloved One.

I do not know any other Way.

(Pause and consider these teachings)

Some abandon their homes, and live in the forests.

Some put themselves on silence, and call themselves hermits.

Some are devotees of the One Reality alone.

I am meek. I seek the shelter and support of Creator/Creation.

Some say that they live at sacred shrines of pilgrimage.

Some refuse food and become shaven-headed renunciates.

Some have wandered all across the earth.

I am meek; I have fallen at the door of Infinity, my Beloved.

Some say that they belong to great and noble families.

Some say that they have the arms of many men to protect them.

Some say that they have great expanses of wealth.

I am meek; I have the support of Creator/Creation.

Some dance, wearing ankle bells.

Some fast and take vows, and wear malas.

Some apply ceremonial tilak marks to their foreheads.

I am meek; I meditate on the One.

Some work spells

using the miraculous spiritual powers of the Siddhas.

Some wear various religious robes and thus establish their authority.

Some perform Tantric spells, and chant various mantras.

I am meek; I serve the True One.

One calls himself a wise Pandit, a religious scholar.

One performs the six rituals to appease Shiva.

One maintains the rituals of a healthy lifestyle, and does good deeds.

I am meek; I seek the Sanctuary of God.

I have studied the religions and rituals of all the ages.

Without the Naam, without real awareness of the Source, of Infinity,

this mind is not awakened.

Says Nanak, when I found the Saadh Sangat,

the company of honestly holy and humble people,

all my desires were satisfied.

I was completely cooled and soothed.



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4 responses to “The Company of Authentically Humble and Holy People

  1. harjindersinghkhalsa

    Dear Kamalla Rose Kaur,

    Vahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

    You are quite right, humility is the key to ‘holiness’ or ‘godliness’. But we also have to have the guts to stand up for justice, and in modern western democracies you get nowhere by humbly sitting in your corner.

    I know how to get round it, I should be firm, and not give up, but still realise that even when I am successful in my actions it is because of our Mother/Father, and not because of me.

    Easy to understand, not easy to do.


    Harjinder Singh

  2. kamallarosekaur

    Hi Harjinder Singh,

    Get around what? It appears to me that authentically humble and holy people are strong warriors by definition, otherwise they sell out. People who resist corruption – real humble and holy people – tend to be controversial sorts who often get into trouble with corrupt “authorities”. That is my observation. The Sikh Guruji is particularly known for leading Sikhs into battles with unethical leaders; Sikh and “Other”.

  3. Gurmit Singh

    At page 15 of the Guru Granth Sahib, Guru Nanak Sahib says: “I crave and seek the company of those persons, who are of low caste among the lowly, say rather the lowest of the low and that I have no desire to associate with the rich people, who are full of ego. Moreover, the True Lord bestows Blessings and Grace on those humble persons alone where the poor are looked after”.
    (sorry for poor expression but Original Text
    is very clear – 4 / 3).

  4. kamallarosekaur

    Thanks Gurmit Singh,

    Yes, on page 15 of the SGGS, Guru Nanak says:

    “Nanak seeks the company of the lowest of the low class,
    the very lowest of the low.
    Why should we try to compete with the rich?
    In that place where the lowly are cared for;
    there the bountiful blessings
    of Your Glance of Grace, my Beloved God,
    rain down.”

    What a wonderful “Christmas” message.

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