Greek Salad


From Livia Kaur:

2 Ripe red tomatoes

1 cucumber

Thick slice of Greek “Feta” Cheese,

Few black olives,

2 Big spoons of olive oil.

The salad is very good in summer and winter. First cut the tomatoes in a salad bowl, then cucumber in thin slices, pour a little Red vinegar – we can also put some fresh onion – then put on the top slice of real Greek “Feta” cheese.  On the top and side , drop in some black olives. Finally pour 2 big spoons of olive oil. leave the salad in the fridge in summer for half hour, to be cold. we eat it in winter also. After eating the salad the oil at the bottom, dont throw it, just dip some bread in it and eat it. it is so tasty. In greece they call it “greek village salad”.


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