“Joy – Great Joy! I Have Actually Seen God!”


By Kamalla Rose Kaur
January 09, 2003

I felt very weary. I was beginning the process of recovering from another long, and particularly intense, stint of employment. Thankfully my weekend had come. I was at home, instead of at work, but I was feeling spacey and exhausted. So I sat down and made the time to receive guidance from the Siri Guru Granth (page 452 of the Sikh scripture/Only Teacher). I was asking for some help in dealing with my overloaded brain, overtaxed emotions, and weakened body.

Enter Guru Arjan, full of eternal youth and endless vigor, declaring:

“Joy – great joy! I have actually seen God!”

“Huh?” I managed feebly. Then I imagined, or maybe actually felt, Guru Arjan smiling at me before He continued waxing delightfully:

“Tasted! I have tasted the sweet essence of Infinity! The essence of the Divine has rained down in my mind. By the pleasure of Guruji, I have attained peaceful ease.”

“Ha! You sure have something!” I agreed dryly, “You have a whole lot of energy, no doubt about that! How DO you do it?”

Guru Arjan leaned close and slowed way down to explain His secret to me.

“I have come to actually dwell in the home of my own self.”

I nodded very slowly as the meaning of His words sunk in.

“And I sing songs of joy; which has made the five villains flee.”

I nodded again, understanding that the five violent “villains” are sexual obsession, rage, greed, pride, and emotional attachment/addiciton.

I felt a bit stunned by these teachings yet I couldn’t wait to read what Guru Arjan was going to say next. He addressed my weariness directly.

“I know that I am personally soothed and satisfied with the Ambrosial Bani of the Word. The friendly Guru is my advocate.”

“Wow, me too!” I stammered.

“Says Nanak, my mind is in harmony with the Beloved One because I have seen the Beloved One with my own eyes!”

And Guru Arjan seemed to me to disappear in a burst of Divine Love and Light as His Hukamnama completed, and I noticed that I no longer felt the least bit fatigued.



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2 responses to ““Joy – Great Joy! I Have Actually Seen God!”

  1. outsider222

    “Joy – Great Joy! I Have Actually Seen God!”


    (What does she look like?) 😉

  2. Gurjeet Kaur

    That was beautiful 🙂

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