Caste and Sikhs – by Harjinder Singh


Vahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa  Vahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

I usually listen to the Sunday programme from 7 till 8 am on Radio 4, as this is one of the few programmes that regularly has items on non-Christian religions, including Sikhí.

This morning there was a report on a play in Birmingham with as its theme caste in Sikhí. Luckily it was made clear in the report that there is no support of caste in Guru’s teachings, but the story by a ‘low caste’ Sikh female who was treated badly by her ‘Sikh’ school mates because of her caste sounds only too familiar. There was also a mention of these shameful advertisements in which people are looking for ‘Jat Sikh’ / ‘Ramgharia Sikh’ or ‘whatever Sikh’ partners for their sons and daughters.

Of course real Sikhs do not practise caste, but how many real Sikhs do you know ? A Sikh, a learner, does not have to be perfect, but should at least seriously try to live according to Guru’s teachings.


Harjinder Singh

Harjinder Singh
Sikh Activist
Co-Chair National Council of Faiths & Beliefs in FE
Faith & Cultural Diversity Consultant
Heston, Middlesex, UK


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