All Creation Sings Divine Praise

By Kamalla Rose Kaur
December 06, 2002

Every Spring and Fall I recommit to staying aware and alert to every nuance of the season. You really have to stay awake during Spring and Fall, or you can miss so much.

Summer and Winter are usually more uniform in scenery and weather and they last longer in these parts – you can relax and let one day merge into another, be a little lazy and preoccupied in the Summer and Winter. But during Spring and Fall, the flowers and foliage colors change radically daily. If you space-out for a week and forget to pay attention, you can miss a big chunk of the whole season. Snooze and you lose!

This practice of vigilant Spring and Fall witnessing is having positive effects on my constant and ongoing, though also extremely up and down, Naam Jaap practice.

Frankly, I am still at the stage where I don’t always remember to invoke God’s Name.

So when I do remember, I take a moment and I look around. I let every blade of grass and every cloud in the sky and every pebble in the street speak to me –

“waheguru, waheguru.”

I listen to the sounds around me and with every beat of the city or babble of the creek; I experience the singing

of “waheguru, waheguru…”

With every sweet smell, I sigh


and every taste, mmmmmm,


And every time a baby smiles at me, I know it is a pure “waheguru” sort of day.

When I remember that is.

Of course, all lyrics to all songs, independent of culture of origin, I often sing as

“waheguru, waheguru.”

Certainly, when I get upset or hurt or receive what looks like bad news, or when I am in pain, I have trained myself to repeat


And when people tell me their problems, I often remember to silently and calmly repeat


while also really listening to them.

When I actually remember to chant the Naam, I take advantage of those lucid moments, to anchor Naam Jaap into my every experience. Thus it is more likely that I will be reminded and actually remember the Naam next time I am chopping onions and start to weep, and next time the floor needs mopping, and next time an eagle circles around my head and next time someone starts to preach Descartes, Bush, or the Bible at me.

Yet I still forget the Naam more than I remember it. That is simply the stage I am at and praying to move beyond. But even when I forget the Naam I notice that the vibrant flaming leaves and the golden soft grasses of Autumn – not to mention the sweet fresh gem blossoms of Spring – never forget the Naam. They are beaming the Naam all the time. They remind me to wake up and remember.

“Stay lucid!” they seem to teach me, “All Creation sings Divine Praise. Remember the waheguru, waheguru, waheguru, waheguru…”


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