I Am Lost. Please Show Me The Way.

Listening to hymns from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, like this one, is meditation for Sikhs. After watching and comprehending the words and meanings, try, next time, just listening and/or singing along for a spiritual break from life-as-usual.

(As a light-hearted aside:I have shared this video with nonSikh women friends to prove that it is possible for a man to admit that he is lost, and ask for help and directions.)


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One response to “I Am Lost. Please Show Me The Way.

  1. satnamkaurkhalsa

    Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa
    Vahiguru ji ki Fateh

    Thank you Kamalla Rose Kaur.
    This is very good way of giving hope and strength to the needy.

    Nam Dev was a Hindu and he is calling God Keswa, the one with long hair.

    The life is a like an ocean, deep and sometimes unpredictable and dangerous. A good strong trustworthy have is very helpful.

    Satnam Kaur

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