For Foreign Converts Only

Converting to a “foreign” religion is eccentric, rare, odd, and disruptive to families and communities, yet some of us get “called”. Please share here about your conversion experience. How old were you? Were you disowned? Or did your family support you? Have other members of your kith and kin converted to your new religion or other “foreign” religions?



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3 responses to “For Foreign Converts Only

  1. kamallarosekaur

    After watching this video – while considering the whole notion of converts to “foreign” religions – I finally decided to forgive Yusuf, formerly Cat Stevens, for becoming a Muslim.

  2. Sat shri Akal!

    Dear Kamalla

    Good you decided to forgive him, cause he is a good man and a good muslim.
    We know that every path to God is a good path…And Allah and Jaweh en Waheguru and all the others names are just calling the same Creative Being (Kartha Purkh).

  3. kamallarosekaur

    Indeed Manpreet Kaur. You are clearly right.

    But you forgot the part about his being a good musician and a great song writer.

    I never resented Yusuf’s conversion to Islam or any other faith, I just never understood why any religion, or anyone’s experience the Divine One, could keep Yusuf from music. Now I am ready to let my grief, and missing his voice and songs all these years, go – offered up to the great Mystery.

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