Improving Your Vocabulary Can Feed People

A friend sent me this announcement: 

 Hey, have you checked out ?  For those who love words it’s an addicting little game that let’s you test your vocabulary and send rice to the UN World Hunger Project.  There’s no cost – you just build your vocabulary and for every correct answer ten grains of rice are donated.  It doesn’t sound like much but builds up pretty quickly. The rice is paid for by their advertising – which is fairly unobtrusive. According to my source, on October 7, 2007, the first day the site was active, only 830 grains of rice were donated.  On a more recent day 383,730,260 were donated. One internet source says there are approximately 50,000 grains of rice to a kilo. So on a busy day FreeRice can donate more than 2724.7kg of rice. Try it, it’s fun!  A good mini-break from busy lives – but watch out, it’s hard to stop playing!  



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2 responses to “Improving Your Vocabulary Can Feed People

  1. yes, this addictive!!! But fun!
    My God, the English language has many words (that i don’t understand, hahaha)

  2. satnamkaurkhalsa

    Harjinder Singh and I had a go. He is good and then I continued on my own and the vocabulary rating fell- but the grain numbers had increased to 3000. It was good fun and will try again.

    Satnam Kaur

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