Multicultural Urban Community Garden



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3 responses to “Multicultural Urban Community Garden

  1. satnamkaurkhalsa

    That’s great video. This is the same as our Alotment here in the UK which we rent on an annual basis but it needs a lot of work to keep it tidy.
    We hope to plant some garlic for spring harvest.

    Satnam Kaur

  2. kamallarosekaur

    We live in a smaller town in the USA so our community gardens were created by neighbors sharing land and tools for over 30 years now. Come February, lets start taking pictures!

  3. satnamkaurkhalsa

    Dear all,
    Ranjeet Kaur and I visited our allotment yesterday and planted our garlic and some onions. Lets hope they grow, the weather is a bit mild.

    Satnam Kaur

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