How To Be A Cult Leader



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22 responses to “How To Be A Cult Leader

  1. It reminds me of something, someone….Why is it so familiar?
    Scary isn’t it?

  2. kamallarosekaur

    Wouldn’t you think that this information would be very public and accessable? As my husband Ken says, “What would it be like if people spent as much time studying why advertising works as they do reading ad. copy?”

    This video is homemade and crudely produced, yet it is the best anti-cult media available.

  3. Sat Shri Akal

    Dear Kamalla Ji

    The scary thing is that this video is full of the arguments of (some)of my friends, who are worried that i am falling victim to one or another sect. If i explain about sikhism they try to tackle me in this way.
    The different food, getting up early, repeating a word or a mantra for a long time, wearing bana (which i still not do, but i hope i will do one day)
    the rituals (even when not empty) etc
    i try to explain that amritvela is the most pure moment of the day, that vegetarian food is just so much more healthy, that every ritual has a meaning, that looking different by wearng 5 K’s and a turban is part of the identity…
    i want to think they just love me very much and are worried that this “ol gal” is losing her mind.
    But deep in my heart there is (my) this doubt, of course…NOT if i read Guru Granth Sahib, never!
    But if i see what is happening in some sangats… the fraude sants, the collections (with pressure)…
    It is scary…

  4. satnamkaurkhalsa

    Dear Manpreet Kaur,
    Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa. Vahiguru ji ki Fateh

    You are right, as long as you make Guru Granth your sant, your teacher you can’t go wrong. We can’t see in the minds of human beings but we know Guru Granth is open.
    One has to trust one’s own mind in normal circumstances and act; ultimately we are responsible for our own actions.
    The beauty of the Eternal Guru is that the Guru will come forward to make it happen if the desire is there.
    However, people did follow Guru Nanak in his ten forms or attempted to follow. It was only Lahena who fully understood Guru Nanak and became Guru Angad. In a way we are lucky that we have Guru Granth and there is no danger of being abused by a human guru.
    Having said that it was the Word that was the Guru hence Gurbani is the Guru. Bana and rituals are only external signs of your commitment to keep you on the path. Bana also helps to see who is the soul bride and you can share the passion with them. (The sign of fish was used in the past and now the cross.)
    It’s our nature to group and do sangat with the right people – once in a while at least. It is really good to share some time with you and Eric which we both will remember.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Satnam Kaur

  5. Sat Shri Akal

    Dear Satnam

    Thank you Satnam Kaur for your answer. It is nice to meet you in Kamalla’s kitchen. Wouldn’t that be great sitting over a cuppa, talking to eachother about sikhi.
    Dear Satnam, meeting you, had a big influence on me. You are wearing keski with so much grace and evidence. It looks so natural! of course you told me your story it did not happen in one day. But it did happen….
    And as you said, when it is supposed to happen, it will happen…So maybe, one day… i am patient and hopefully i have enough time…

    Sorry, Kamalla, we invade your kitchen with our chat. So i want to come back on the topic of cultleader. I’ve been thinking about it full morning and i realise it is just a thin line between a cult and a religion. The border is easily crossed and almost all religions have instruments to control the followers. So we have to keep our eyes open…even when someone calls himself a sikh, he/she can use the methods of a cultleader.

    Have a nice Sunday all! It is rainy and stormy over here, so a good time to cocoon a bit.

  6. kamallarosekaur

    Blessings Manpreet Kaur,

    Are you of European descent? And trying to be a Sikh?

    I comfort myself that in a mere generation, Sikhi will be as common and established as any other religion in the West. But for now, I repeatedly surrender into acceptance that it comes down to Guruji and me.

    Ken and I simply do not participate in male dominated organizations. It is against both our religions.

    And so far, everytime I seriously consider attempting to become Khalsa, I start getting hate mail from “Sikhs” who violently resist the idea of women in the Panj Piare. Yet why become Khalsa if you aren’t becoming Khalsa; that is, becoming one the Beloved Ones of Guru Gobind Singh?

    Occasionally it looks like I might get hired by a Sikh organization but then it falls through. Yogi Bhajan’s group does not like me, of course, and few Sikhs are willing to publically take a stand against them.

    I have tried giving up Sikhi, or simply becoming someone who studies Sikhs and Sikhi. However, in my case I am up at 4am one way or the other. I don’t have to work at this part. By “grace” I am awake for the dawn, whether I am a Sikh or a Baptist. And what is there to do at that time of day except Japji and Jaap?

    The truth is, cults are all around us; cults of consumerism and materialism, celebrity worship, and leaders who lie and treat us like stupid children. Most Sikhs bow and throw money at Guruji and never attempt to read the SGGS, much less interact with Guruji. That is pretty standard cult behavior is it not?

    As difficult as it is, we are called to be Sikhs right where we are, with the people we are with. Guruji reminds me often that He looks on all beings alike. My nonSikh family and friends are as important as any Sikh and I mustn’t try to escape them, nor falsely shock them. This is bad PR for Sikhi and against Guruji’s teachings.

    The Beloved One speaks to us through the circumstances of our lives. We don’t know the answers. Guruji tells me to practice Naam Jaap, to actually call on God/Guru moment to moment, in Praise. He assures me that if I simply keep busy surrendering my ego and agendas and asking Him to handle It All – then it will all work out fine. Surprisingly, it does work out surprisingly perfect.

    Kamalla Rose Kaur

    • Honest Al

      “Ken and I simply do not participate in male dominated organizations. It is against both our religions.” 10 male Gurus. Many male Bhagats Sants etc. Nearly every recognized Shaheed is male. Nearly every aspect of Sikhi is based on men minus a few lines which give praise to women in the GGSJ which are taken so far out of proportion. Where do you people come up with this stuff? So many of the Babas and Sants that are hated by Sikhs are light years ahead of you and yet you call them dividers,heretics, etc. Sad condition of Sikh community where you have to rely on pure BS to sustain yourself. GGSJ shows the way. “Sikhs” just insult it.

      • kamallarosekaur

        Hi Al,

        I basically agree with you, though your tone is nasty. I focus on the Guru Granth – works for me.

      • Dr. Harjit singh

        Dear honest Al,
        i am neither debating or arguing about what you said, living in 21 st century that too in western society won`t make it easier to understand Indian society. Even today in India when there is strong mass media, strong armed forces, nuclear capability, high standard maedical facilities etc, right in India`s capital New Delhi how many crimes, you name it, are occuring against women in Delhi itself. Several news channels are these days discussing these issues. if you go just 50 kms away from delhi border to any village of uttar pradesh or haryana you will find how much society is antagonist to women let it be crime against these women or what. rape, killing for dowry, gang rape, female foetacide,honour killing etc. And domestic voilence is very common. this is the situation near state`s capital where chief minister is a female ( delhi and u.p.) and president is female. if you go to more interiors, situation is much much worse. how girl child is raised in villages and in more than 80% of cases reports of crime against women particularly rape go unreported. Do you think is this Law & Order situation, no dear! this is on the part of INDIAN SOCIETY. even today girl child is deprived of education in villages. If this is the situation in 21st century, imagine about 17th century. women were look down upon in the society, were considered evil, were not allowed in religious rituals or alowed to read sacred writings of veds & purans etc. women were not more than animals. and you are talking about 10 male sikh gurus, male sants etc. in order to understand indian society you either come and live here and have a close watch or you have to be indian. let us come to history again. who was first sikh of guru nanak, bebe nanki, guru sahib`s sister. guru wrote those two three line became law for sikhs. women upliftment in those times you can`t imagine was next to impossible in that time period. guru nanak defied society against this evil. do you about sati, practice in which woman/ women (polygamous males mainly kings), were forcibly burnt alive (after death of her/their husband) with the deadbody of her/their husband. guru sahib spoke collectively against atrocities against women. women were not at all given education, how can you think of any women saint who could have written some sacred text to be included in SGGS in near future.
        In sikh circles women were always respected and were given equal status, since political conditions were extremly unfavourable for sikhs. sikhs lived in jungles women supported sikh males in house or outside house in armies. sikhs started educating their women. women upliftment was started. women got equal rights in religious practices in sikhism.
        So dear it`s my sincere advice try to know facts first and then say. it is easier to type and even much easier to comment.

  7. kamallarosekaur

    PS – Kamalla Rose Kaur’s Kitchen is a nice place to chat amd commune, I pray.

    Debating? – maybe not so much.

  8. jaswinder kaur

    I just saw this. Is this your kitchen Kamala Rose ?

    Lovely idea

    I am very upset this morning and need to cry.

    Statistics today reveal the genocide/abortion of female feotus continues. 1500 amongst British Indian born women over last 15 years or so.

    7 Million on the subcontinat. Most highest number ??

    Punjab and Gujrati communities

    AMongst the most prosperous !! sikhs and jain communities

  9. kamallarosekaur

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

    Big hug Jaswinder Kaur,

    It does seem hopeless sometimes doesn’t it? Sikhs are running backwards, worse yet, Sikhs aren’t being Sikhs anyway.

    Welcome to my Kitchen. I was just about to go find you and get you over here, but you are psychic. What a time saver!

    This place is still full of bugs. I may have to call in professionals – formatting is hell.

    But the general idea is post replies anywhere about anything. I may, in time, move them around, or delete them – must keep a tidy and organized Kitchen, you know. Far more important, however, is having a comfortable Kitchen where we all feel free to share our hearts and souls, insights, tips and tirades.

    Please note that I have started a thread about “Only Begotten Sons”. It is listed under the categories, “Sikhi” and “Seva – Helping Others”.

  10. singh

    The video is indeed scary. The problem is today people have totally missed the message of Sikhi. It is precisely the rigid thinking that some people have on this website that makes sikhi seem like a cult. Sikhi doesn’t restrict you from eating meat. Sikhi isn’t about all that. It’s not a restrictive religion. Please don’t spread b/s by making up things like this. Eating meat, or eating anything, is a part of life. It’s nature. It’s survival. Eating vegetarian can also be unhealthy if you don’t eat in moderation. Some plants even kill you. So the whole health issue is b/s. Humans have been eating meat since the beginning of time.

    The Guru Granth Sahib doesn’t restrict you from eating meat. The Granth Sahib says that one should not think they are superior to someone because they eat meat, since in those days eating meat was for kings and the upper class.

    It’s things like this which taint Sikhi. When we argue about such issues, we totally miss the entire point of Sikhi.

    Be thankful for what you have. Leave the petty arguments alone.

    Also, it’s pretty sad to say things like “people are not true sikhs these days”. Why do people always feel the need to tell how others should behave? It is this insecurity one must deal with first within themselves. Sikhi is personal. Find proper sangat if you feel the need to. But don’t comment that someone else is living the wrong way. This is what divides us. We’re all humans. We all have struggles in life. Put yourself in someone else’s shoe before you criticize them. Stop living in guilt all the time.

  11. Tal Tal

    This video Is DEAD on. Look, listen NOW once and for all. Come be Sikhs it’s okay, but why do you have to do Yoga in front of a picture of Yogi Bhajan, for 10 generations no Sikh family member has every only wore white until 3HO. If you still don’t want to change, distinguish yourself. Explain to people clearly that this is 3HO Sikhism not the original form of Sikhism but we believe it is the true form. That is legal and fine. But do not claim that you are the real official original form of Sikhism.

    Oh well, some people will never change until they see the court of the Lord and his light.

  12. Tal Tal

    You stupid people, damn you. You are putting in place conscription. Sikhnet never allows my comments. Is THAT SIKHISM. NOT ALLOWING PEOPLE TO TALK. IS THAT BEING SO PURE. IS THAT GURU BANI. IS THAT KUNDALINI YOGA. IS THAT GURU RAM DAS. LEAVE GURU RAM DAS ALONE!

  13. Agreed that Sikhism does not restrict you from eating meat. People should not needlessly wrangle over such a trivial issue.

  14. Dear Kamla,
    I enjoyed the video very much.
    Please convey my compliments to the producer, actors and the director of this short film.

  15. Any way to get a copy of this film?

  16. kamallarosekaur

    Hi Bhai Baldeep Singh,

    You should be able to copy the video from YouTube.

  17. Sanchayita

    Hi kamala,
    I am looking for a good translation in English for Sri Guru Grath Sahib. Can you suggest one and also from where I can buy it?


  18. Guiliem Casañ

    Thankyou for posting this video. It’s of great help!
    Guillem Casan

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